Acumatica General Ledger

8 Jul

Acumatica General Ledger

Acumatica General Ledger Key Features

  • Flexible accounts Define the length and segmentation of accounts and subaccounts. Change structure even after implementation.
  • Advanced security Control which users and roles can view and create transactions for specific GL accounts and subaccounts.
  • GL consolidation Import data from entities with different currencies and account structures to create consolidated financial reporting.
  • Reporting and inquiries Monitor key aspects of your business in real-time by creating custom inquiries, dashboards, and reports.
  • Workflow and approval Assign roles/people to approve transactions, release transactions, and close accounting periods.
  • Budgeting and approval Create an unlimited number of budgets for comparative analysis and monitoring. Import and export files from Excel to seamlessly feed into your budget ledger and reports.
  • Flexible financial periods Define custom financial periods. Keep periods open as long as required to complete data entry and audit balances. During data entry, the system will suggest the financial period and issue warnings if overridden.
  • On-the-fly sub account entry Enable on-the-fly entry to add new combinations of valid subaccount segments during data entry. This allows you to maintain complex reporting requirements without pre-defining GL segments..
  • Support multiple currencies Enter GL transactions in different currencies by activating multiple currency support. The system maintains balances in the base currency and the foreign currency based on translation rules you establish.
  • Allocation of GL balances Distribute GL account balances based on predefined allocation rules. Establish allocation rules based on percentages, quantities, statistical data, or proportionally to other GL account balances.
  • Reversing entries Reverse GL transactions with one click. Create automatically reversing transactions that generate the reversing entry in the next financial period.
  • Drill down to documents Access GL balances through inquiry screens and reports. Drill down to the originating document from any inquiry screen or report, even if the transaction was created in another module.
  • Recurring transactions Create recurring transactions based on specific schedules and time periods. Specify templates with expiration dates, execution limits, and custom execution schedules.
  • Audit trails Review which user entered and changed the details of any GL transaction. Any potential auditing process will be simplified with notes and supporting electronic documents that are automatically attached to transactions.

Key Benefits

  • ACCESSIBLE FROM ANYWHERE Access 100% of your general ledger features from anywhere using any popular web-browser.
  • SECURE, ACCURATE DATA ENTRY Improve accuracy with advanced security features that limit available accounts and sub-accounts.
  • FASTER DATA ENTRY Reduce time spent entering data with predictive entry and flexible screen layouts.
  • CUSTOMIZED REPORTS AND INQUIRIES Simplify reporting with integrated query and reporting tools that work with your account structure.
  • FLEXIBLE WORKFLOWS AND APPROVALS Create workflow and approval routes that match existing business processes.
  • CENTRALIZED BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Gain a centralized view of your entire business with support for multiple ledgers.
  • WORKS LOCALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY Use multiple currencies, translation, consolidation, flexible financial periods and more to work in the way that’s right for your business.